Yanush Vishnevski: I am looking for stories, I need them…

Yanush Vishnevski: I am looking for stories, I need them…

On October 25th people gathered at Zangak club to meet renowned Polish writer Yanush Leon Vishnevski, author of the books “Loneliness in a Net” and “The Lover.” The writer was invited to Armenia to take part in the Literature Arc 2013 forum.

Yanush Vishnevski about Armenia

For me it is a pleasure to be in Armenia. I feel very good here. You have no problem with communication, which I like very much. There are countries that I do not want to visit a second time, and there are countries that I want to visit over and over again. Before coming to Armenia I knew a little about you. I knew that everything started here (G/A: smiles). I like your alphabet, too. Unfortunately I will be able to spend only a couple of days here as I have to fly to Germany.

Yanush Vishnevski about his books – “Loneliness in a Net” and “The Lover”

Years ago, when I was writing my first book, the “Loneliness in a net,” I was thinking that it would be my first and last book. I had to write that book. Later I felt that I was missing the emotions that I had felt during the process of writing.

As the first book was successful, I was asked to write another book. I wrote a collection of stories, which I called as “The Lover.”


I will be very happy if my books are translated into Armenian. I am in the middle of writing a book now, and I wish this book could be introduced in Armenia first, before Russia. But before that, you can translate “The Lover.”

Yanush Vishnevski about letters from his fans

I receive many mails from women. I know what people feel reading my books. Readers tell me intimate stories about their lives and ask for advice.

My profile always shows me online on facebook, but it doesn’t mean that I’m always online in facebook or Vkontakte. I use social networks to talk to my friends in other countries. I have my personal page on facebook and answer messages. I use social networks but I don’t live with social networks.

The most beloved book


The book I like most is my first book. It is like the first child for me as I pay a lot of attention and have a lot of feelings to it. People think I have fallen in love with someone in the Internet, but it is not true. I like my second book, “The Lover.” It is very emotional – it is the only book I have read.

The man and woman

I am not a feminist as they believe women and men are on the same level. I do not think so: for me the woman is at a higher level than the man. I have read many books about women’s psychology, but I do not know them very well. Women want to love once and long, but men… we do not know the secret in women, which is the most important thing in them. I wonder why people think that I write only about women; I have written other books as well. I decided to write about me too, about why the world needs men.


The writer and reader

Not many people know that I have written tales for children. It is very difficult to write readable books for children. There are writers who live with the money they receive from the sales of their books. It is possible to read my books online, but I pay only for books that I like. I do not want small girls read my book “Loneliness in a Net.” In a school in Poland this book is blacklisted.

Political views

I do not like politics and I am not involved in politics. I do not want anyone use my political views against third persons.

The writers heroes

One should not have anything specific to become my hero. There are people that even do not have clue about the fact that they are my heroes. I am looking for stories, I need them…


Organizers about the event

Naira Khachatryan, co-organizer of the Literature Arc interpreters’ and publicists’ forum, says that besides being a great writer Yanush Vishnevski can also can also help to disseminate books as books with his translation can be sold better. “In our days books stay on shelves in bookstores so long that they collect dust. The Literature Forum is organized every year with almost the same agenda. We invite writers, organize visits to sights in Armenia as we hope that such trips may become stories, essays or poems. Another goal our forum has is introducing writers to our society to enable them discover new books, authors and writers. This event always bears fruit,” says Naira Khachatryan.

Photos and report by Gohar Aramyan