“Blanco’s Widow” was the Most Significant in My Carrier: Exclusive Interview with María Elena Döering

“Blanco’s Widow” was the Most Significant in My Carrier: Exclusive Interview with María Elena Döering

María Elena Döering, Columbian actress and model, with huge armies of fans in different countries of the world, is very popular in Armenia as well. She’s known to the Armenian audience especially from “Blanco’s Widow” telenovela, where she was the main heroine—Alicia Guardiola.  The famous actress was born in Cali, Columbia. She started her carrier by appearing in advertisments for toothpaste and coffee. When she was 13, she worked with the most popular photographers of Columbia—Fernell Franco, Oswaldo Lopez, Micky Calero and Jaime Andres Orozco. Her mother is from Columbia, and father has German roots.

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María Helena studied in London and freely communicates in a few languages (our interview was in Spanish). Knowledge of languages helped her to become a translator for Fiat company. Then in Milan she started working at Fashion Models Agency.

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Throughout 5 years María appeared in 67 ads and works in Japan, Germany, Spain and France. In 1993 she stars in “La Maldicion del Pasradiso” (Heaven’s Curse) telenovela, as the main heroine. By this very telenovela she becomes popular in her country—Columbia. In 1996 she stars in “Blanco’s Widow,” due to which she becomes famous in different countries of the world, including Armenia.

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Besides mastery of acting and modeling career Döering sings as well, of course, on a non-professional level. She likes making flower compositions, horseback riding, reading historical books. She adores Italin literature. She has a son, Alejandro Escobar Döering.

Exclusive interview of with María Elena Döering, is introduced below.

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-What is necessary to become a good actor? Is talent enough or you should work hard on yourself?

-Acting is passion coming from the soul. I had a desire to become an actress since I was a child. To become a great actress, I think, in addition to some talent, preparative works and persistence are necessary as well.

-You have played different roles, which heroine more resembles you in life?

-Any acting has something from you. It’s very difficult to completely change the voice and gestures. Circumstances don’t make me any of the heroines, however, the one I most resemble me is Lorenza Machado in “Beautiful but Unlucky,” as she fights and protects what she loves most.

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 -There are opinions that the telenovela  is not high art and is in rather low positions, as compared to the movie. What do you think of this?

-I never ignore telenovela as a genre, however, theater is the best for me. I’m very proud to star in more than 25 telenovelas. However, of course, I have a dream to star in a good movie. I starred in 10 movies, but not as the main character. I’m waiting for “my role.”

-Lots of telenovelas have been broadcast in Armenia, however, you are remembered in our coutry from “Blanco’s Widow.”  The audience loved the main character—Alicia Guardiola.

-“Blanco’s Widow” was the most significant telenovela in my carrier. It made me popular in Columbia and abroad. I feel special tenderness towards it. I’d like to play once more, based on the scenarios by Julio Jiménez.

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As you mentioned, you are known not only in your country, but in different countries of the world as well. I wonder, what is more important for you—carrier success or family happiness?

-My family will always be beyond everything for me. From professional standpoint, appreciation of the audience is more important, than success. I’m very thankful to my friends and fans. This is my “happiness.”


What project are you currently working on? I learnt from your pages you are starring in a new telenovela.

-Presently Latin version of “Revenge” telenovela is over, created by Fisney and ABC for Netflix. I play the main negative character—Victoria Piedrahita. It’s a crucial character. I’m  a negative one [laughs] and I liked it. It’ll be released in a few months.

By Razmik Martirosyan