There is no capital outflow from Armenia: Suren Karayan

There is no capital outflow from Armenia: Suren Karayan

“The statistics has published two indices linked to foreign direct investments: net flow of foreign investments and flow of foreign direct investments. The net flow of foreign investments is negative which is mainly related with the fact that numerous advance payments were made within the frames of investment programs so that main resources are directed to Armenia, therefore, this is seen as negative,” Suren Karayan, Minister of Economic Development and Investments, told reporters after the Cabinet meeting, commenting on the publication by the National Statistical Service of Armenia, according to which capital flow from Armenia was doubled.

According to him the inflow of foreign direct investments is positive and AMD 19.7 billion direct investments were recorded in the first quarter of 2017. According to the Minister numerous investments and reinvestments were made by local investors as well.

S.Karayan assured that projects announced by the government develop normally and they hope the announced USD 800 million investments will be implemented.

By Gayane Khachatryan