Syrian army divides Eastern Ghouta into two zones – SANA

Syrian army divides Eastern Ghouta into two zones – SANA

The Syrian army liberated Madyra town in Eastern Ghouta and continued to advance, meeting army units stationed in the vicinity of the Vehicles Directorate in Harasta, SANA reports.

Army units have completely cut off supply routes and movement lines of terrorist organizations between the northern and southern parts of Ghouta, which should accelerate the defeat of terrorists in the area.

Army units continue their operations to root out the terrorists in the central sector of the Eastern Ghouta in the direction of Madyra and Mesraba with the aim of cutting off the last supply routes between the north and south of the Ghouta in preparation for eradicating terrorists completely from the entire area.

On March 11 hundreds of people held protests in several towns of Eastern Ghouta. The protesters called on the Syrian army to protect their towns and remove the armed groups.

According to Al-Manar TV, at the moment the army controls 54% of Eastern Ghouta.