Turkey always deceived Russia: Arman Navasardyan

Turkey always deceived Russia: Arman Navasardyan

Arman Navasardyan, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, told reporters today that the coup attempt of summer 2016 was initiated by Erdogan, edifice to which are ongoing processes in Turkey, “This referendum may introduce change in Turkey’s foreign policy, and the direction started from 1923, which Turkish government had in the secular field, ends and Erdogan attempts to pass on to totalitarian regime.”

According to the Ambassador this may lead to several changes, both in the policy of global powers towards Turkey and in the latter’s policy. “If we take the European direction, which is important for Turkey, here an irreversible process is taking place, when Turkey announces that it should restore death penalty. If it occurs Turkey’s road to Europe will be closed. However, I consider Erdogan doesn’t so regret for leaving Europe, as he has taken a different direction and strives to become a leader of Sunni world.”

The Ambassador hesitated to touch upon USA-Turkey relations, as he considers Trump doesn’t stress such “minor” phenomenon like totalitarian governance. As for Russia, Navasardyan considers he looks through fingers to that phenomenon by officially stating that it’s Turkey’s internal affair. “However, I don’t consider that this change won’t have an effect on Russia. Geopolitical issues between Turkey and Russia always prevail bilateral relations. Turkey has always deceived Russia.”

Reflecting to Armenia-Turkey relations the Ambassador said a curious stereotype exists in Armenia—the worse it’s for Turkey, the more Armenia will gain, which according to him is a simple and vulgar explanation, “We may suppose that under chaotic situation Turkey, perhaps, is more dangerous for Armenia. And being an autocratic leader, Erdogan may do what he wants, which is more dangerous to us.”

The Ambassador links Artsakh’s further developments not only with positions of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Iran and Russia, but also the developments, anticipated in the region, “Trump’s policy is very important.”

He added Erdogan will pursue tougher policy in the Middle East, “He does his best not to withdraw from Syria, and passing on to autocratic system, he may act more boldly.”

By Razmik Martirosyan