“I have a strange feeling when I see how people enjoy wearing the accessories I make”

“I have a strange feeling when I see how people enjoy wearing the accessories I make”

Armenian designer Marianna Harutyunyan lives in the United States and makes accessories for renown stars such as Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber, Lady gaga and others.

She also receives orders to make accessories for Disneyland, True Blood and Dancing With The Stars projects.

Marianna says that she moved to the US with her family in 1979. “I have started to make accessories since I was a child. My first piece was a ring made of beads. I gave it to my friend. In my early ages I did not even think about becoming a designer. I did not know what I wanted to do in life. What I knew was that I liked making decorations,” says the designer.

She says her parents helped her build her way to success. “I have many buyers from different places in the world. I am grateful and happy for everyone’s support. Renown stars find out about me through their designers. I am working for them and giving them what they need for their appearance on TV, in pictures and on the stage. For me it is very easy and interesting to work with stars. I would not think that I would be in this position. It is honor for me that they want to wear the things I make,” says Marianna.

Now Marianna is working to make accessories for Nicki Minaj. “I would like to work with Madonna, Beyonce and other renown artists with great pleasure. I would like to work with fashion designers too to combine our arts,” says Marianna.

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Speaking about her challenges and difficulties during the past years she said, “From the financial point of view these were difficult years, but I think it has affected not only my work but many others too. I am sure everything will settle down.”

It is strange that even Marianna makes very beautiful accessories, she does not wear any, “I like all accessories I make but I don’t wear them often. There are items that I don’t want to let go. I feel happy when I do what I like doing. I have a strange feeling when I see how others enjoy wearing what I have made.”

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In answer to question whether she would like to work with Armenian singers Marianna said, “Certainly I would like to work with them. But I don’t know how to establish communication with them.”

The Armenian designer keeps high standards of her work and wants to have shops everywhere in the world. “I want my family feel proud. I want to live and work, but not to live without work. My home is Los Angeles; I grew up there. But I would like to visit my home city, the place where I was born,” said Marianna Harutyunyan.

By Gohar Aramyan

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