Mkrtich Arzumanyan: I cannot Imagine What Could have Changed Me

Mkrtich Arzumanyan: I cannot Imagine What Could have Changed Me

Armenpress” – “Loft” joint “Interview” project hosts beloved actor and simply good person Mkrtich Arzumanyan.

-When years ago you were making your first steps into film industry, how did you imagine your future career? If you take a retrospective look, can you say that you have achieved the goals you had put before yourself?

-I believe that one who loves his job has no right to think that he has achieved something and it is enough, no matter in which sphere, to start regress when he starts thinking that way. Years ago I could hardly imagine that I would be involved in various projects I could only dream about. But it is not enough. One must constantly do more, improve and learn, as one should learn at any age. Every age has its way to perceive things.

-You have personified numerous characters, played in different performances. Is there a period of your career that you would like to go back there?

-I often remember “Mea Culpa” play and its friendly atmosphere. Past is always perceived in another way, there were both good and hard periods. For example, 7.5 (seven and half) project was very interesting for me and it was a success.

– The premier of “Run away or get married” took place recently. What can you tell about it?

-I looked forward to the opinion of my partners, the reactions were positive. Tigran Hambardzumyan, Ashot Abrahamyan, film producer and creative producer, as well as I tried not to force the audience to laugh every moment. We also tried not to use slang for making the film more attractive for the audience. We created a film which will be watched by our children, friends and we will not be ashamed of it. I know tricks to make the audience laugh. I used to do it for a long time, but in the film “Run away of get married” I attach more value to emotional episodes, which I assess are successfully done. It is a great victory for me.

– Did Iveta Mukuchyan, lacking drama training, manage to properly personalize Satenik’s character?

-We could not run such a risk without passing a long path. I cannot recall a day that we did not hold a rehearsal. When Iveta was abroad we held the rehearsals via “Skype”. Iveta is a very gifted and hard working person and I felt after each rehearsal that she made a step forward.

-Once you said that repeating one and the same thing is something like stagnation or a suicide for an artist. For a long time being engaged in comedy genre, don’t you fear that you may approach that line of “repetition”?

-The fear always exists, in every project. That fear is more vivid when you personalize the same character for several times. That fear often rises during TV programs when you have to personalize for example a traffic policeman, a policeman or a doctor. It is important to present people of one and the same specialization in different ways and different colors. Anyway, the important thing is not to be repeated.

-Do you plan to try in another genre? As far as I know you have offers to play in dramas.

-As for now, my most favorable job is to shape a dramatic character. I do not miss such opportunities. An actor must not differentiate between roles, all genres are for an actor. I had an experience to act in drama, playing the role of a judge in Mher Mkrtchyan’s “The successful ones” film, which is still in the stage of production. The feelings were entirely different and I realized that I loved this genre more. For the audience, of course, it will be a little strange.

-What new projects should the audience expect with Mkrtich Arzumanyan’s participation?

– There are different plans to initiate new TV programs and one of them will come into reality soon, I believe.

– You are quite renowned and beloved actor, but at the same time, a modest person. People surrounding you often speak about your modesty. How it happened that your popularity did bot change you?

– I do not know what should have happened to change me. I am in touch with my school friends up till now and miss them. True, we do not meet often, but always call each other. I like very much when I go, for example, to a shop and talk to the seller. I learn a lot from them, it is an irreplaceable part of my life. You have no right not to respect your audience. When someone comes to me, greets and wants to speak or take a photo, I feel happiness because it means that my job is appreciated, and valued. In any case one must preserve human values.

– Is there anyone in Armenian cinema or theater who influenced or inspired you?

– Khoren Abrahamyan and Levon Mkrtchyan.

Levon Dadasyan