In Massachusetts Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan Visits Old North Church and Armenian Heritage Park

In Massachusetts Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan Visits Old North Church and Armenian Heritage Park

Armenian President Serzh Srasgyan, being on working visit in the United States of America, continues to meet in Massachusetts with local Armenian structures of significant role and weight, community figures as well as with provincial government representatives of pro-Armenian activities and other friends of the Armenian people.

As informed from the Department of Mass Media and Public Relations of the Armenian President’s Staff that Armenia President visited Old North Church on March 29. Holy Liturgy was served by the participation of Episcopal priest Stephen T. Ayres and Armenian priests.

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The mentioned church was the first that still in the 18th century gave an opportunity to the Armenians immigrating to the US to serve a Liturgy out of its walls. Built in 1723 in the northern area of Boston, the mentioned church is the oldest church building of the city. Serzh Sargsyan’s visit to the Old North Church, which has a significant impact on American Revolution, aims at paying tribute to one of the symbols of independence of USA and appreciating the kindly treatment of the mentioned church and essentially English church.

Next, Serzh Sargsyan visited the Armenian Heritage Park, which was founded in memory of thevictims of the Armenian Genocide, and the other genocides followed it, as well as to celebrate the great contribution of American Armenians and other expatriate communities who have found shelter in Boston and Massachusetts.

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Armenian President, accompanied by Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick who made a great contribution to the foundation of the park, Boston City Hall representatives, political figures and others, walked through the city park, where the Armenian Heritage Park Is located. Sargsyan also visited the Armenian Genocide Memorial, laid a wreath and paid tribute to the Armenian Genocide victims. At the end of the visit to the park, Armenian President paid tribute at a monument to victims of the Holocaust.

Other meetings are scheduled within the framework of the working visit of the Armenian President on March 29.