Hospitality day in Armenian Pavilion, Cannes

Hospitality day in Armenian Pavilion, Cannes

During Cannes 70th Film Festival (May 18-26), for the first time Armenia was represented in the sector Village International/Pantiero under the number 226.  Here, in the pavilion of the Republic of Armenia. During Festival days “Aurora’s sunrise” (represented by: “Bars Media”,) Sergo Ustyan’s “Exchange” and Artur Sukiasyan’s “The Wounded City” have tried all their possible chances to success.

Just to note, Armenia has brought to Cannes Film Market not only the winning three projects: film projects beyond competition appeared in the pavilion, either, having opportunity to use the chance of the Armenian pavilion and try their chances   as well.

The official opening of the Armenian pavilion took place several days ago with the head of the Armenian delegation in Cannes, during which guests visited our pavilion and had meetings with the participants and other members of the delegation.  The next important event of the Armenian pavilion was the day of hospitality, which, by the way, is supposed to be a mandatory and accepted agenda in Cannes Film Market.

On this very day Armenian pavilion greeted not only official company representatives and led meetings with them, but also had friendly and warm conversations discussing significant possibilities of the film industry with them.

So, our pavilion was visited by filmmakers from different nationalities and countries. Most of them were interested in a new law on Armenian cinema. For instance, Cash Rebate (Partial refund for a purchase that is paid in actual currency) was a matter of interest among our guests.

Thus, in the frames of the hospitality days in the Armenian pavilion French, Russian, Indian and German filmmakers discussed the possibility of having shootings in Armenia, as well as many important themes concerning film industry.


On the same day, together with the French producing company “Finders Keepers Films” were discussed the opportunities of implementing joint film projects with independent producers.

The Armenian director Georgi Danielyants (currently representing Russia), visited our pavilion and had an important discussion with our delegation members.

Filmmaker, President of the cultural foundation “Fish eye Art”, Jivan Avetisyan,is currently in Cannes and is taking part in the jubilee film festival. He has already managed to have several important meetings here and discuss some important issues. Jivan Avetisyan has come to Cannes 70th Film Festival together with his partner, Artavazd Yeghiazaryan (the co-author of the next “The gates of the Paradise” film. He had meetings with some European producing companies and with the distribution companies from all over the world.

What to expect from these meetings? Time will show. The head of the Armenian delegation Arsen Baghdasaryan, judging by the reactions and meetings with the guests and colleagues from all over the world, strongly believes in having effective results for the Armenian film industry.

Nvard Manvelyan