President Sargsyan on future public service

President Sargsyan on future public service

President of Armenia Serzh Sargsyan has commented on whether or not he will continue political activities in 2018.

In an interview to ARMENIA TV, the president said it’s not yet time to announce his decision.

He mentioned that his decision will depend on various factors: “I believe we, eventually, are entitled to decide, I mean the Republican Party together with its coalition partner, who can work more effective in a given place”, he mentioned.

In terms of PM Karen Karapetyan having previously announced his willingness to continue serving as Prime minister in 2018, the president said that the incumbent PM’s desire is a very good one, healthy and reasonable. “Generally I find Karen Karapetyan to be an acceptable and useful individual for us, as a Prime Minister and as a person. I mean both personally for me and for the party”, he said.

“Time will come and we will announce our decision”, the president said.

“You must duly implement the obligations which you have voluntarily assumed until the last moment. After all, no one has forced me to run for office and become president. And if I have assumed voluntarily, I have to be ready, and I indeed am ready to fulfill my obligations until the last second. After this we will see what happens, to what extent I can be useful and in what area. I am saying this honestly”, the president said in response to an observation that judging by the program of the recent month it doesn’t seem that he is ready to end his political career.

Asked if he will remain in politics, the president said: “We will see”.