Putin speaks about unsolved problems in EAEU

Putin speaks about unsolved problems in EAEU

There are unsolved problems in the spheres of energy and customs in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU),  Russian President Vladimir Putin announced during an annual press conference.

“The Eurasian Economic Union is the common achievement of all of us. There are always many critics, including within the Eurasian Economic Union, but the numbers show that the decisions were correct and we move forward in all the directions necessary for us. The fact that internal trade turnover and internal exports increase are an evidence of what I say. Numbers show all these. Even the countries that have just joint us have recorded positive results”, the Russian President said.

Vladimir Putin added that there are still unsolved issues in the spheres of energy and electricity. “But we have an action plan on when we have to switch to general liberalization in the mentioned spheres. And we will move forward in accordance with that plan”, Putin said.

He also referred to the existing problems in the customs sphere. “We have agreed and I hope that we will implement the steps aimed to oversee the movement of goods through our territories in an electronic way. This is a very important point”, the Russian President said, highlighting the idea of having common customs points in the EAEU member states.