Armenian honey already has free access to European market – Ambassador Piotr Świtalski

Armenian honey already has free access to European market – Ambassador Piotr Świtalski

Ambassador Piotr Świtalski, Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, is impressed with the Armenian government’s recent initiatives aimed at ensuring food safety.

During the opening ceremony of conference titled ‘Digital Solutions for Food Safety’, the EU Ambassador congratulated the Armenian government for the efforts made in the fields of protection of consumer rights and food safety.

“We are impressed by the number of initiatives, level of ambitions demonstrated by the government led by Prime Minister Karapetyan over the recent months. We, as a European Union, are ready to assist these efforts as the issues of the protection of consumer rights play an important role in the Armenia-EU agreement. There are concrete programs, we are getting out of the circles of the World Trade Organization and this process is in full accordance with Armenia’s membership to the EAEU. This is a bilateral useful process, and we are ready to provide concrete support to these efforts”, Piotr Świtalski said.

The Ambassador expressed confidence that within the frames of assistance and cooperation the EU can propose concrete steps in the new financial package. This, according to him, is the development of technical capacities, exchange of experience, as well as assistance to implementation of concrete actions. “I hope the assistance will lead to necessary results. I am confident that the government’s respective steps will contribute to increasing the export volumes to the EU market. The Armenian food is very tasty, we know that, it’s just necessary to create a necessary circle that will provide guarantees, will ensure not only the food’s taste, but also its being safe and secure. A new Armenia-EU certified procedure has been introduced in February, and I am happy that the Armenian honey already has a free access to the European market. I hope the same will apply to the crayfish and other goods in the near future”, the EU Ambassador noted.