Crowd of opposition protesters block Yerevan Victory Bridge

Crowd of opposition protesters block Yerevan Victory Bridge

Opposition MP Nikol Pashinyan and his crowd of supporters have blocked the Victory Bridge in Yerevan.

The crowd was proceeding from Grigor Lusavorich Street to Baghramyan Avenue, when suddenly the activists changed the route in the direction of the bridge to remove a tow truck which was attempting to restore traffic.

Passengers of a vehicle who were transporting a child were asking the crowd to allow to move on, but MP Pashinyan did not allow for the car to resume traveling. The MP instructed his followers to deflate the tires of the tow truck, after which the crowd proceeded to the France Square.

A group of protesters have blocked traffic from Mashtots Avenue to Republic Square, Saryan Street and the section leading to the Opera House. Traffic is suspended in several busy streets of Yerevan.

Police released a warning saying that such actions can endanger public safety and law enforcement agencies are entitled to use appropriate measures if necessary.