“Developments in Syria not to have an after-effect in Karabakh”

“Developments in Syria not to have an after-effect in Karabakh”

Russian military analyst Pavel Felgenhauer reflecting to the decision by US president Donald Trump on launching missiles in Syria’s Western Homs, told 168.am that “whole Russian mediation has failed in Syria.”

Note, on April 7 the US launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the Mediterranean Sea into Syria, aimed at the Shayrat Airbase controlled by the Syrian government. The strike was a direct response to the chemical attack, as a result of which at least 50 people were recorded dead, including children, which was denied by Syrian authorities.

According to Pavel Felgenhauer Russian mediation and operations in Syria are failed, as US intervention uncovered bankruptcy of Russian propaganda.

It was surprising for the analyst that US missiles succeeded to target Shayrat airbase in case, when it’s used by Russian forces as well. Felgenhauer considers the American side implemented perfect operations, by which the president-elect proved that he is a leader, he is mighty and succeeded to uncover the propaganda misunderstanding created by Russia, attempting to show power to the world, which in Syria in some cases is observed as improper, the US succeeded not to harm Russian forces in Syria as well. Felgenhauer reminded that days ago more than 8 people died in Khan Shaykhun due to shelling, which is controlled by the opposition, as a result of which most were diagnosed with heavy chemical poisoning, which the Russian side was attempting to unsuccessfully deny.

“However, comment of Colonel Koneshnikov on the fact that there was an attack on a reserve, where chemical weapon was produced, brought everything to its place, as such a chemical cloud couldn’t emerge as a result of simple blast, Koneshnikov was mistaken, as he was mistaken, when he stated after shelling that Russian united air defense forces tend to control military bases in Syria in case, when it was stated that Russia-Syria united air defense system cover entire territory of Syria, he was also mistaken, when stating that 23 missiles reached Shayrat Airbase, and this showed that our systems aren’t capable of fixing even outdated missiles.

All this failed the propaganda developed by the Russian side due to Assad’s regime. In fact, there were chemicals in Syria, and they’ve been launched from the very Shayrat Airbase, which the US forces perfectly targeted,” Felgenhauer said.

He believes serious escalation in Syrian conflict isn’t anticipated. According to Felgenhauer, Trump succeeded to successfully use Russia-Syria mistake to raise its political image, which judging from the statements won’t be continuous. He considers, Russia in its turn, after the failure will be “silent” for a while, attempting to learn lessons from the established situation.

However, the Russian military expert considers there is similarity in activities of Russia and the US, thus, there is ground for cooperation.

“I think in the upcoming meetings productive negotiations may be launched between the sides, although the Russian side has sent some messages to Pentagon, however, I consider the side has no other way out, than negotiating with the US by not sharpening the situation,” Felgenhauer said.

Reflecting to possible impact of Syrian developments on the issues in the South Caucasus, Felgenahuer said that Trump proved that he is ready for unexpected decisions. “It’s difficult to say how it’ll impact on this region.

In all likelihood—in no way, as Syria is the hearth, where Trump can affirm himself and this region, moreover—NK conflict is a very small issue, here constructiveness is more beneficial to the US, than the opposite policy. I consider, there will be no influence, in particular, if we take into consideration the anticipation that new outbreak in Russia-USA relations isn’t anticipated,” Felgenhauer said.

By Araks Martirosyan