Developments in Syria not to cause new escalation in Karabakh: Malashenko

Developments in Syria not to cause new escalation in Karabakh: Malashenko

“It’s won’t be correct connecting Syrian conflict with Karabakh conflict,” Alexey Malashenko, Russian prominent political scientist, orientalist, told, reflecting to the decision by Donald Trump to launch missiles on Shayrat Airbase near Homs in Syria and its possible regional implications.

Alexey Malashenko stated that under current state of affairs there are several incomprehensible circumstances for him. In his words, the first one is the reason that is put forward as a basis for US attack—use of chemical weapon in Idlib by Bashar al-Assad. According to Malashenko Russia has definitely nothing to do with it, as it’s observed, Bashar al-Assad either, as it doesn’t stem from their interests, and Assad isn’t a fool at all.

“I’ve already said, I believe Russia was “cheated” and we may only make guesses which side did it. According to one of them the initiator may be from Assad’s circle, for which continuity, escalation of the conflict is beneficial, such are not few,” Russian orientalist said.

According to the latter powers of Trump circle, attempting to test his decisiveness against Russia and generally serious decision-making, and a proper moment was established in Syria, Trump attempted to prove his decisiveness in case, when several days ago it was stated that the USA isn’t against Assad. In his words it’s also an issue why Russian united air defense system didn’t destroy American Tomahawks if it was initially informed on the strike.

“It’s clear for me that Russian forces are capable of destroying these missiles even in case of a minor desire, however, they didn’t do, which I assess as correct decision. Suspension of memorandum of understanding on air safety over Syria with the US was also correct, Russia won’t go to more with the US in this issue, Russia should start acting more diplomatically and delicately in Syria, which is observed recently.

Russia starts to notice that mistakes may have fatal implications, involving the US and Russia in clash in Syria, which doesn’t stem from interests of any side. Developments allow insisting that there will be no escalation in Syria, as well as a new stage of tension in Russia-USA relations, especially, if we take into consideration that the key to this conflict settlement is in no one’s hands,” Malashenko said.

Reflecting to the South Caucasus Malashenko said, “On account of my opinion that there won’t be a new stage of Russia-USA escalation, I don’t see any perspective for tension in this region and in Karabakh conditioned by these developments. The region has been in tense condition recently, I consider external signals here shouldn’t be observed as a reason. This is a lasting conflict, from time to time accompanied by outbreaks.

Syrian conflict is quite a different one with quite different interests. Linking one conflict with the other won’t be correct in this case. Even the USA and Russia didn’t spread the existent crisis on this conflict. As for Trump, I think the policy won’t be continuous, maybe some episodes will be recoded for internal consumption and nothing more.”

By Araks Martirosyan