In which fields loans recorded growth?

In which fields loans recorded growth?

Based on data issued by the Central Bank of Armenia, volume of loans allotted to residents by Armenia’s trade banks (or loan portfolio) comprised AMD 2 trillion 52.9 billion in late February 2017.

Compared with February 2016 volume of loans provided by trade banks have increased by AMD 92.6 billion or 4.7%.

As for change of loan portfolio in separate fields of economy, both in absolute number and in percentage loans allotted to the field of industry recorded growth (by AMD 88 billion or 24.1%).

Loans provided to the field of service have grown by AMD 30.1 billion (19%), mortgage loans—by AMD 3.8 billion (2.1%), consumer loans—by AMD 7 billion (1.6%), and other fields—by AMD 12 billion (8.7%).

Loaning volumes of other four fields have reduced. Most decrease was recorded for loans allotted to the field of trade (by AMD 24.7 billion), and in percentage—loans of transport and communication (12.3%).

As a result of these changes the biggest share in the structure of loans allotted by trade banks belongs to industry—AMD 452.4 billion or 22% of total loans.

In late February 2017 volume of consumer loans comprised AMD 435.6 billion (21% of total) and volume of loans provided to the field of trade—AMD 341.6 billion (17%).