Details of the new conscription contractual military service program

Details of the new conscription contractual military service program

Artsrun Hovhannisyan, spokesman of the Defense Ministry of Armenia, released details of the new conscription contractual military service program, mentioning that the program is open for discussion.

Under the program, those draftees who will desire to serve in military bases which are engaged in combat shifts, will be eligible to serve under a new military service type – termcontractual.

The service period is defined for three years, however 7 months of the total term the servicemen will be on leave – beginning from the 6th month, when the serviceman’s unit will assume combat shift by serving under the 1+1+2 formula each month.

One week on leave, one week in the military base undergoing training for combat shift, and two weeks in the frontline carrying out combat shift. Servicemen will begin their service after undergoing the 5 months training course.

From the 31 months of service, the draftees will spend 7 months at home, and 24 in the military base and combat positions. Servicemen will receive money upon each time they go on leave. By the time the service period is over, the servicemen will receive around 5 million drams which the demobilized soldier can use for one of the three programs –

1. Affordable housing (subsidized mortgage program)

2. Mini-farm (for creating a small greenhouse or farm or acquisition of agricultural equipment for servicemen living in rural areas)

3. Compensation for tuition fees

All three programs are aimed at providing the servicemen with the chance to build their future in Armenia. All details of the program will be set for wide public discussion. It is planned that the program will be an alternative, and citizens will be free to choose between the new program and the current type of service. Nevertheless, if the program is a success, it might become the main kind for the frontline.