Nalbandian’s reply to Aliyev

Nalbandian’s reply to Aliyev

Armenia has always supported meeting with Azerbaijan on the level of both Foreign Ministers and presidents, and if the situation matures, works will be carried out to organize and it’ll be possible to launch a meeting. Armenian FM Edward Nalbandian told at the joint press conference with Lamberto Zannier, OSCE Secretary General.

He reminded that in 10 days OSCE MG Co-Chairs will pay a regional visit.

“If there is necessity and proposal, maybe the issue of forthcoming meetings will be covered as well. I consider at the moment only meeting on ministerial level may be touched upon to organize a meeting on the level of presidents as well,” Nalbandian said.

He also reflected to recent statement by Azerbaijani president Ilham Aliyev that Nagorno Karabakh conflict should be resolved “based on the principle of territorial integrity.”

“I refer to similar statements like to other allegations, as if Azerbaijan is a multi-cultural global center, which respects all fundamental freedoms, human rights and is a tolerant country, which may serve as an example to other countries and similar absurd allegations,” the FM said.

Nalbandian reminded that the international community and the three Co-Chairs have repeatedly stated that the issue should be resolved based on three well-known principles, which are one integrity: non-use of force or threat of force, right to self-determination and territorial integrity, as well as the letters in the well-known 5 statements proposed by the three Co-Chairs.